Macbeth | Mar 28 – May 5, 2017

By William Shakespeare; Directed by Jef Hall-Flavin
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Recommended Grade Level: 8–12

The Setting: Scotland

Suggested Areas of Study and Discussion: Shakespeare, Tragedy, Tragic Flaw, The Human Psyche, Political Ambition, Lust for Power, The Unintentional Consequences of Greed

The Story: When Macbeth learns from supernatural sources that he is to ascend to Thane of Cawdor and then to the throne, he has no earthly way of knowing if these predictions are true. When he is soon promoted to Thane of Cawdor, he sends word of this auspicious vision and confirmation of the future to his wife. Upon his return from battle, Lady Macbeth begins a seductive campaign to incite her husband to immediately murder his way to the throne by killing King Duncan. Macbeth hesitates to attain the throne through such violent means, but is eventually persuaded by Lady Macbeth to seize the power he has been promised. After Macbeth takes possession of the throne, he finds he must murder others – including women and children – to retain his power. Eventually these heinous acts bring him into the company of consummate evil. This 90-minute adaptation staged on our 200-seat thrust stage will bring this haunting tale of ambition vividly to life for your students. Please Note: This production depicts scenes of violence using stage blood.

Performance Length: 90 minutes (No Intermission)

Location: Park Square’s Andy Boss Thrust Stage

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Park Square Theatre’s production of Macbeth is part of
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